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Evaporative Cooling Tower (CT)

Material Inputs Removes heat from Recirc water Material Outputs
AIR Reduces Recirc T, ~20 deg, typ. AIR
WATER VAPOR Performance, ambient dependent WATER VAPOR
Water evaporation (~1000 BTU/lb) LIQUID DRIFT
RECIRC WATER Water cooling (1 BTU/lb/degreeF) RECIRC WATER
MAKEUP WATER See psychrometrics, wet bulb, dry bulb LIQUID BLOWDOWN
See Cooling Tower Institute LIQUID MISC
Cycles of Concentration: The chloride ratio or the TDS ratio is often used to measure or define the operation of a cooling tower. However, the engineering issue is more complicated than that. A complete Analytical, Material and Energy Balance must be made plus a review of each ion, material and pH of the water streams; the specifics of which will substantially impact performance (Power plant corrosion, scaling, heat transfer, economics, environmental, etc.)
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